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BiologicVET has joined NASC National Animal Supplement Council as a Primary Supplier, in accordance with cGMP requirements…

Our Products

BiologicVET supplements are a carefully designed holistic system, formulated to work synergistically to maximize the nutritional content of your pet’s diet.

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Formulated for your dog or cat’s unique biological makeup. Potency and freshness guaranteed. Cats and dogs love it…they’ll lick their bowl clean.



We are committed to providing nutritional supplements that are rich in quality vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, fatty acids, amino acids, herbal extracts and prebiotics that ensure your pet receives complete nutrition and nourishment.



BiologicVET has met conditions established by NASC as a Primary Supplier. NASC ensures that only approved and safe ingredients are used in the products.



Organic Powder Delivery System

The foundation of each powder formula is a prebiotic, lignan-rich blend of organic defatted flax, sunflower and sesame seed fibre, which supports healthy immune and metabolic function.


Great Tasting

Cats and dogs love it…they’ll lick their bowl clean. No pills and no fuss!

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